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Kutub Uddin was born and brought up for majority of his young life in rural Bangladesh. He came to the UK at the age of 25 to be able to provide himself and his family a better lifestyle and moved in London where he also got married after a couple of years. 

Photography was never something he had thought indepth about. He's very first camera was a standard Sony digital camera which had been gifted to him. He was taking  pictures of animals, landscapes and natures more than anything and this was the start of his photography interest and the desire to learn more.  He had taken his interest further and started to study about different photography such as Macro, Landscapes, Nature etc. He had started too do courses online and get books to learn more and thus he had grown his desire to learn into a passion to go out and actively take pictures from what he had learnt about. 

At first he had started to take images of landscapes, sunset and sunrises. From waking up in the dusky morning to getting home after the sunsets just in order to capture the first golden morning sunrise to the captivating sunset. He had dedicated as much time as he could have for the perfect timing and shot.

From sunsets and sunrises he started to do animal, big and small, photography. This was a little bit challenging as getting the perfect shot required patience and persurverance. Kutub has always been a very big animal lover. He had many pets whilst in Bangladesh from birds, cats, dogs to fishes. In the UK, he had 2 pet red-eyed tree frogs which he had loved. From them, the well known images of "Kermit in the Rain" had shot Kutub into the eyes of local media and newspapers. He's image had been feautred in numerous national newspaper and even on ITV news.

Kutub started to develop and learn more about Macro photography and took an interest into it. He started to do more Macro than any other form of photography and has excelled in it! From taking pictures of bugs eyes to water droplets. His images are all very captivating and each image shows us the passion and dedication of which he had taken them in. 

He's work has been recognised by many different countries magazines, newspapers, media and he has also got his own fan base that admire and look up to him. 

Kutub has always been very humble and is always looking for ways and techniques in which he could better his work.

He's most favorite brand is Sony. Over the many years he has changed his camera but never the brand! He has a variety of different lens and photography accessories such as difusers, filters, flashes and many more!

With many amazing photography and many more yet to be captured, follow him on Facebook and view his images on this website. I can assure you, you will continue to be amazed!