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 Macro Workshop

This is a great opertunity to take pictures of Exotic Frogs, lezards and Harvest mices. The workshop will run under studio light and also in natural light. There will be Variety of subjects and you can chose max 5 subjects of your choice. You have to decide your subjects from list when you book.Also there will be lots of props for each subject. Also if you want to bring your own proops then you are welcome. You can book any day and workshop will run from 9am to 2pm and Max 2 Photographers in a workshop. 

List of Subjects

Red eye tree frog, Horned frog, clown frog, Tokay Gecko, Chameleon, Crested gecko, Harvest mice

Price £160 per person

Recommended Equipment :

● Camera ( that can be fired by a hot shoe trigger or external synch lead )

●  Macro Lens length between 50mm to 200mm  

● Tripod 

● Memory Cards

● Fully charged batteries and spares 

Contact me to book your place